CVC is a leading developer of specialty materials including toughening agents and resins for high-performance thermoset systems and specialty nitrile latex for niche applications.

Our specialty toughening agents, resins, nitrile latex, reactive diluents, curatives and accelerators elevate the performance of structural adhesives, composites, protective coatings, and electronics applications across many industries.

CVC products enhance epoxy-based thermoset formulations. They improve such performance characteristics as toughness, flexibility, chemical resistance, adhesion, thermal performance, and thermal cycling.

Our specialty nitrile latexes provide superior properties for oil, solvent and caustic, tear and abrasion resistance, wash durability, elasticity and stretch.  Our technical experts can help you optimize your formulations.

We also formulate and supply custom specialty chemicals, to enable your formulators to create next-gen products. Our R&D team understands how these materials improve performance characteristics and optimize processing in your toughest applications. We can work with you to select the right products and to develop custom formulations.