Our tougheners, specialty epoxy resins, elastomer-modified epoxies and curing agents improve performance attributes to help formulators develop specialty and structural adhesives.

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Our specialty materials including epoxy resins, reactive diluents and resin modifiers can be used to enhance performance characteristics like cure speed, yellowing resistance, and chemical resistance.  Our materials can provide viscosity modification or be used to create Bisphenol (BPA / BPF) free industrial coatings and primers. We also help formulators develop next-gen protective coatings with advanced performance characteristics.

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Our specialty tougheners, resins, curing agents and accelerators improve such key composite formulations properties as toughness, ILSS, glass transition temperature, chemical resistance, surface adhesion, crack resistance, cure speed and storage stability. Our specialty nitrile latex can be the resin in water-borne composite production.

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