Specialty materials for high-performance coating formulations

Huntsman Advanced Materials develops high-performance specialty chemicals and additives to support a diverse range of coating applications. Today’s formulators require increased chemical resistance for applications like tank and pipe coatings that must remain intact despite continual abrasion, high pressures and contact with moisture, UV, salt and acids. Coating failures allow metal corrosion that requires downtime to repair or expensive excavations to replace, particularly in offshore and in-ground applications.

Formulators are also looking for ways to get their coatings to cure faster at low temperatures without having to add catalysts and plasticizers. They want floor coatings, concrete coatings, powder coatings and release coatings that offer ion protection from moisture and abrasion.

Our specialty epoxy resins, tougheners and stabilizers help meet these and other formulation challenges. For example, EPALLOY® specialty epoxies provide excellent chemical resistance and help deliver a faster return to service for coated parts and substrates.

Our NYCHEM® nitrile latexes deliver the alkali and water resistance needed to create metal coatings for maskant, barrier, and release coatings. Pipe coatings formulated with our resins are protected from acid-base, ionic salts and moisture so they stay intact for many years. Using HyPox® resins in pipe coatings can improve cathodic disbondment, prevent delamination and extend life of the coating.

Below you will find a list of all of the Huntsman products for coating formulations. Use the selection filters to further refine your search for the material that fits your exact requirements.

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Product Description Link
OMICURE® 24EMI Accelerator for anhydrides and catalyst for high temperature epoxies. Faster reactivity vs. BDMA or tertiary amine substituted phenols. View Product
OMICURE® 33-DDS Aromatic Amine/Curing Agent View Product
OMICURE® BC-120 Can be used as sole curing agent or as accelerator for Anhydrides, Dicyandiamide or Aromatic Amines. Clear, compatible formulations. Very long room temperature shelf life. View Product
OMICURE® DDA5 Ultra-Fine particle size Dicyandiamide for the most critical applications. Provides for excellent dispersability, maximum reactivity, uniform cure, and low settling potential. View Product
OMICURE® DDA10 Fine particle size with good dispersability, reactivity and uniform cure. View Product
OMICURE® DDA50 Intermediate particle size product provides for Cost effective, stable, one part systems for elevated temperature cure application. View Product
OMICURE® DDA100 Coarse, unground grade of Dicyandiamide for those applications where particle size is not an issue. Contains no flow control agent. View Product
OMICURE® U-24M 2,4 Toluene bis Dimethyl Urea View Product
OMICURE® U-35M Cycloaliphatic bisurea View Product
OMICURE® U-52 4,4 Methylene bis (phenyl dimethyl urea) Isomer Grade View Product
OMICURE® U-52M 4,4 Methylene bis (phenyl dimethyl urea) Isomer Grade View Product
OMICURE® U-210M N-(4-chlorophenyl) N, N Dimethyl Urea View Product
OMICURE® U-405M Phenyl Dimethyl Urea View Product
OMICURE® U410M 80/20 Toluene bis Dimethyl Urea - Technical Grade View Product
OMICURE® U415M 4,4' Methylene bis (phenyl dimethyl urea) - Technical Grade View Product


Product Description Link
Hypro® 1300X68 ETBN Glycidyl ester of butadiene copolymer with 18% acrylonitrile, excellent toughener for mix and use epoxy systems. View Product
Hypro® 1300X16 ATBN Amine-functional butadiene copolymer with 18% acrylonitrile (AEP), widely used due to balance of compatibility, ease of processing, and efficiency. View Product
Hypro® 1300X21 ATBN Amine-functional butadiene copolymer with 10% acrylonitrile (AEP), effective in polyurethane and epoxy systems. View Product
Hypro® 1300X42 ATBN Amine-functional butadiene copolymer with 18% acrylonitrile with primary amine (2-methylpentamethylenediame). View Product
Hypro® 1300X63 ETBN Glycidyl ester of butadiene copolymer with 26% acrylonitrile, best compatibility with BPA, BPF, and novalac epoxies for shelf stable systems. View Product


Product Description Link
HyPox® DA323 Bisphenol A modified Dimer Acid for improved flexibility. View Product
HyPox® RM20 Neopentyl glycol diglycidyl ether modified 50% with 82:18 butadiene:acrylonitrile liquid rubber, low-viscosity reactive toughener to increase toughness, impact resistance, and peel adhesion in epoxy systems. View Product
HyPox® RM22 High Acrylonitrile Containing Liquid Elastomer Modified Low Viscosity Difunctional Epoxy Monomer. View Product
HyPox® RK820 Solid BPA epoxy resin modified 1300X13 CTBN. View Product
HyPox® RK84L High Acrylonitrile Containing Elastomer Modified Solid Bisphenol A Epoxy Resin. View Product


Product Description Link
ERISYS® GE-60 Sorbitol Polyglycidyl Ether. Aliphatic polyfunctional modifier to impart higher reactivity and crosslink density to epoxy resin formulations and crosslink acid functional polymers. View Product
ERISYS® GE-61 Sorbitol Glycidyl Ether Biobased Aliphatic Polyfunctional Epoxy Resin View Product
ERISYS® EGDGE Ethylene Glycol Digylcidyl Ether. Used as a crosslinker for acid functional acrylic polymers. View Product
ERISYS® GA-240 Epoxidized meta Xylylenediamine. Low viscosity tetrafunctional resin will increase crosslink density of modified systems. View Product
ERISYS® GS-110 Glycidyl Ester of Neodecanoic Acid. Efficient and economical diluent for viscosity reduction. View Product
ERISYS® GS-120 Glycidyl Ester of Dimer Acid. Flexibilizing modifier for rigid epoxy resin systems. View Product
ERISYS® GE-5 n-Butyl Glycidyl Ether. Most efficient epoxy functional diluent available. View Product
ERISYS® GE-6 2-Ethylhexyl Glycidyl Ether. Excellent replacement for BGE as a low viscosity reactive diluent. View Product
ERISYS® GE-7 C8-C10 Aliphatic Glycidyl Ether. Natural alcohol based. Equivalent to Epoxide 7TM Used for high solids coatings, tooling and civil engineering applications. View Product
ERISYS® GE-8 C12-C14 Aliphatic Glycidyl Ether. Natural alcohol based. Equivalent to Epoxide 8™. Used in flooring,aggregate bonding and adhesives. View Product
ERISYS® GE-10 O-Cresyl Glycidyl Ether. Viscosity modifier for construction, flooring and casting. Excellent moisture tolerance. View Product
ERISYS® GE-11 P-tertiary Butyl Phenyl Glycidyl Ether. Modifier for Bisphenol A resins to eliminate crystallization. Good electrical properties. Easier to handle. View Product
ERISYS® GE-13 Phenyl Glycidyl Ether. Lowest viscosity aromatic modifier. Excellent for electrical applications and for preparing resin/curing agent adducts. View Product
ERISYS® GE-20 Neopentyl Glycol Diglycidyl Ether. Aliphatic difunctional modifier for filament winding, coatings and electrical applications. View Product
ERISYS® GE-21 1,4 Butanediol Diglycidyl Ether. Aliphatic difunctional modifier for improved flexibility over GE-20 at comparable viscosity. View Product
ERISYS® GE-22 Cyclohexanedimethanol Diglycidyl Ether. Cycloaliphatic difunctional modifier with outstanding weatherability. View Product
ERISYS® GE-24 Polypropylene Glycol DGE. Diepoxide of an aliphatic polyglycol used as a diluent and/or flexibilizer in high viscosity, brittle epoxy formulations. View Product
ERISYS® GE-25 1,6 Hexanediol Diglycidyl Ether. Alphatic difunctional epoxy reactive diluent. View Product
ERISYS® GE-29 Diglycidyl Ether of Brominated Neopentyl Glycol View Product
ERISYS® GE-30 Trimethylolpropane Triglycidyl Ether. Low viscosity, high functional epoxy modifier. Excellent for 100% solids, adhesives and coatings. View Product
ERISYS® GE-31 Trimethylolethane Triglycidyl Ether. Low viscosity high functional epoxy modifier. Use to increase crosslink density and enhance chemical resistance. View Product
ERISYS® GE-35 Castor Oil Triglycidyl Ether. Low viscosity trifunctional flexibilizer. View Product
ERISYS® GE-35 H Castor Oil Glycidyl Ether. Lower modulus version of GE-35. View Product
ERISYS® GE-36 Propoxylated Glycerin Triglycidyl Ether. Aliphatic trifunctional flexibilizer. Used in severe thermal cycling conditions. View Product
ERISYS® GE-38 Polyglycerol-3-Polyglycidyl Ether. Flexible epoxy. NOT TSCA REGISTERED. View Product
ERISYS® GE-40 ERISYS GE-40, epoxidized Pentaerythritol, is a medium viscosity, aliphatic tetraepoxide. NOT TSCA REGISTERED. View Product


Product Description Link
EPALLOY® 9237-70 EPALLOY 9237-70 is a non-crystallizing modified BPA modified BPF resin. Highest BPF content and highest Tg in this class. View Product
EPALLOY® 5000 UV Resistant, lower viscosity alternative to Standard BPA resin. Applications include weatherable coatings as replacement to urethane coatings. Excellent adhesion to metal. View Product
EPALLOY® 5001LC EPALLOY 5001LC is an accelerated version of the cycloaliphatic diepoxide EPALLOY 5000. View Product
EPALLOY® 5200 EPALLOY 5200 is a difunctional cycloaliphatic glycidyl ester based on Hexahydrophthallic Anhydride. View Product
EPALLOY® 7200 Modified BPA epoxys to provide for faster cure for all temperatures. Eliminates blushing in slower curing epoxies. Excellent for coatings. View Product
EPALLOY® 9000 High functionality, low melt viscosity resin for high temperature applications and Tg modification of other epoxy resins. View Product
ERISYS® RDGE Very low viscosity, high reactivity epoxy resin. Modifying resin for novolacs in corrosion resistant coatings and composites. View Product
ERISYS® RDGE-H Low Viscosity Aromatic Epoxy Resin View Product
EPALLOY® 8220 Lowest viscosity BPF resin. Near monomeric product for blends to prevent crystallization in BPA resins. View Product
EPALLOY® 8230 Standard low viscosity non-crystallizing resin for excellent 100% solids coatings and composite applications. View Product
EPALLOY® 8240 Lowest viscosity unmodified epoxy novolac available. For secondary containment tank linings and industrial flooring. View Product
EPALLOY® 8250 Mid-range functionality epoxy novolac. For high temper­ature, highly corrosive applications. View Product
EPALLOY® 8280 Mid-range functionality for improved Tg and corrosion resistance. View Product
EPALLOY® 8330 Standard epoxy novolac for highest chemical resistance and Tg. View Product
EPALLOY® 8350 Higher viscosity equivalent to 8330. View Product
EPALLOY® 8370 Highest functionality epoxy phenol novolac resin. View Product
EPALLOY®7192 Undiluted high molecular weight semi-solid Bisphenol A epoxy resin well suited for tough, durable formulations with improved adhesion. View Product
EPALLOY®7200MIBK90 90% solids in Methyl Isobutyl Ketone View Product
EPALLOY® 7200X90 90% solids in Xylene View Product
EPALLOY® 8330 MAK80 80% in Methyl n-Amyl Ketone View Product
EPALLOY® 8330 MEK85 85% in Methyl Ethyl Ketone View Product
EPALLOY® 8350 X80 80% solids in Xylene View Product
EPALLOY® 8370 A85 85% solids in Acetone View Product
ERISYS® RF-50 Non-crystallizing lowest viscosity resorcinol/phenol novolac epoxy resin. View Product
ERISYS® RN-25 Non-crystallizing medium viscosity resorcinol/phenol novolac epoxy resin. View Product
ERISYS® RN-3650 Highest functionality resorcinol modified phenol novolac epoxy resin. Maximum chemical resistance and Tg. View Product
EPALLOY®7138 EPALLOY 7138 is a low viscosity non-crystallizing modified Bisphenol A resin. Excellent replacement for high purity BPA resins in filament winding applications. View Product
EPALLOY®7170 EPALLOY 7170 is a non-crystallizing BPA/F resin. 30% epoxidized BPF content. View Product