EPALLOY 7200 is a chemically modified liquid diglycidyl ether of Bisphenol A, completely free of acrylates, designed for fast cure and low temperature applications. It is a light colored resin that is a viscous liquid at room temperature. Moderate heating will bring down the viscosity significantly.

EPALLOY 7200 will react with all epoxy resin curing agents to produce cured products with excellent chemical resistance and adhesive, electrical, and mechanical properties. It is particularly recommended for use in coatings and adhesives that are to be used at low temperatures. For applications that required a lower viscosity, EPALLOY 7200 is compatible with most all Epalloy Resins, Modifiers, and ERISYS reactive diluents. The addition of other resins, modifiers, and diluents to EPALLOY 7200 will alter the cure time, pot life and cured properties of the resin.

Typical Properties Values
EEW, g/eq 195-215
Viscosity, cps 2,000-4,000 @ 52°C
Color, Max 2 (Gardner)
Hydrolyzable Chloride, Max % 0.50
Avg. Epoxy Functionality -

To obtain a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) please contact Global_Product_EHS_AdMat@huntsman.com

Application Group Application Description
Adhesives Structural General Purpose Industrial Adhesives Fast/low temperature cure Structural General Purpose Industrial Adhesives.
Adhesives Construction Anchor Bolt Adhesives Very fast curing resin. No odor and develops mechanical properties much faster than mercaptan systems.
Coatings Industrial Concrete and Metal Primer Fast/low temperature/ no blush cure in Concrete and Metal Primer.
Coatings Industrial Solvent-Based Maintenance Coatings Fast cure at all temperatures, blush free.
Coatings Industrial Chemical Resistant Flooring Very fast curing resin. Provides high gloss and excellent blush resistance.
Composites General Composites Epoxy Pultrusion 2-3 time faster cure than standard LER. Allows for faster pull without "banana peeling."