EPALLOY® 8370 A85

EPALLOY® 8370 A85

EPALLOY 8370 A85 is a 3.9 functional epoxy phenol novolac resin supplied @ 85% solids in acetone. It combines low hydrolyzable chloride content with good reactivity. It is compatible with all standard curing agents and most resin systems.

Typical Properties Values
EEW, g/eq 205-212 (on solids)
Viscosity, cps 5,000-7,000 @25°C
Color, Max 3 (Gardner)
Hydrolyzable Chloride, Max % -
Flash Point,°C (°F) 0 (32)
Weight per Gallon, @25°C lbs. 9.6 +/-0.1
Solids Content (%) 84-86

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Application Group Application Description
Coatings Industrial Coatings Chemical resistant industrial maintenance coatings.

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