ERISYS GA-240 is a tetrafunctional epoxy resin based on meta-Xylenediamine. It is a nitrogen containing highly reactive resin with a very low viscosity. ERISYS GA-240 will increase crosslink density of modified systems. An alternative to MY-720 in tetra-functional epoxy matrix. Safer alternative to polyaziridines in acrylic emulsions.

Typical Properties Values
EEW, g/eq 95-110
Viscosity, cps 1,600-3,000 @25 °C
Color, Max 5 (Gardner)
Residual Epichlorohydrin, Max ppm 10
Flash Point, °C (°F) >420(232)
Specific Gravity @ 77°F 1.14-1.16 @25 °C

Mexico SDS Format

North American Format

Europe (REACH) Format

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Application Group Application Description
Adhesives Industrial Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (Acrylic PSA) Crosslinker and Reactive Additive used to improve cohesive strength. Superior value than Aziridine.
Adhesives Construction Flooring Used to improve cohesive strength.
Coatings Industrial Functional Polyacrylic Emulsions Crosslinker used as a Aziridine replacement. Improves Scratch and mar resistance.