ERISYS GE-11, epoxidized para-tertiary butyl phenol, is an aromatic mono-epoxide. GE-11 is intended for use as a reactive diluent for high viscosity epoxy resins and it is compatible at all concentrations with those resins. Resin/diluent blends can be cured using any curing agent for epoxy resins. GE-11, due to its aromatic structure, is not as efficient in viscosity reduction as aliphatic diluents ERISYS GE-5, GE-6, GE-7, or GE-8. However, performance properties of epoxy formulations diluted with GE-11 are modified less than those of systems containing the aliphatic monofunctional diluents. Depending on concentration, properties such as gel time, room temperature strength, and modulus of a GE-11 diluted formulation remain relatively unchanged compare to an undiluted resin. However, a decline in elevated temperature performance, as indicated by decreasing Tg with increasing GE-11 concentration occurs. Cured formulations containing GE-11 exhibit excellent moisture resistance. ERISYS GE-11’s low vapor pressure, low odor and exceptionally low residual epichlorohydrin level make it ideally suited for environmentally difficult applications. Another feature of GE-11 is its ability to reduce the tendency of certain epoxy resins to crystallize, thereby producing formulations with improved homogeneity.

Typical Properties Values
EEW, g/eq 215-240
Viscosity, cps 20-30 @25°C
Color, Max 1 (Gardner)
Hydrolyzable Chloride, Max % 0.10
Residual Epichlorohydrin, max ppm 10
Weight per Gallon, @25°C lbs. 8.5 +/- 0.1
Flash Point, °C (°F) >121 (250)
Water, % Max 0.1

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Application Group Application Description
Coatings Construction Flooring Reactive diluent in floor coatings.
Electrical and Electronics Electronics Encapsulants Reactive diluent in Potting and Encapsulation.