ERISYS RN-3650 is a blended resin of ERISYS RDGE, Resorcinol Epoxy Resin and EPALLOY 8330, 3.6 Functional Phenol Novolac Resin. The blend is resistant to crystallization. It is an excellent choice for 100% solids coatings requiring room temperature cure and chemical resistance to concentrated acids and aggressive solvents, particularly at higher temperatures.

Typical Properties Values
EEW, g/eq 141-156
Viscosity, cps 7,000-9,000 @25°C
Color, Max 3 (Gardner)
Hydrolyzable Chloride, Max % 0.10
Residual Epichlorohydrin, max ppm 10
Flash Point,°C (°F) >252 (485)
Weight per Gallon, @25°C lbs. 10.0+/-0.1
Average Epoxy Functionality 2.8

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Application Group Application Description
Adhesives Electrical and Electronic Adhesives High temperature resistance in Electrical/Electronic Adhesives.
Coatings Industrial Coatings Excellent chemical resistance in Industrial Coatings.
Electrical and Electronics Electronics Adhesives Low viscosity resin for Conductive Adhesives.
Composites Industrial Composites High strength, high temperature resin in Industrial Composites.