HyPox® DA323

HyPox® DA323

HyPox DA323 is an adduct of a DGEBA resin and a dimer fatty acid. At room temperature HyPox DA323 is a semi-solid which requires mild heating to assist flow or pumping. The introduction of the fatty acid to the DGEBA backbone yields a resin which will impart a degree of flexibility and toughness to cured epoxy formulations. HyPox DA323 is usually blended with other epoxy resins and/or diluents to improve thermal shock, and impact resistance. Improvements in adhesion and peel strength will also be realized. These improvements occur, however, with some sacrifice in heat resistance as exemplified by a lowering of Tg with increasing HyPox DA323 concentration. HyPox DA323 is compatible with all standard epoxy resins and curing agents.

Typical Properties Values
EEW, g/eq (relects mid-point) 660
Viscosity, cps (reflects mid-point) 50,000 @52°C
Elastomer Content, % 40
Color, Max 12 (Gardner)
Flast Point,°C (°F) >200
Acid Number, max 0.1

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Application Group Application Description
Adhesives Automotive Mastics Toughener for 1K Epoxy Adhesives. Provides good adhesion, good flexibility, and sound deadening.