HyPox® RM22

HyPox® RM22

HyPox RM22 is a cyclohexanedimethanol diglycidyl ether modified 50% with 74:26 butadiene:acrylonitrile liquid rubber, low-viscosity reactive toughener to increase toughness, impact resistance, and peel adhesion in epoxy systems.

Typical Properties Values
EEW, g/eq (reflects mid-point) 340
Viscosity, cps (reflects mid-point) 20,000 @25°C
Elastomer Content, % 50
Color, Max 10 (Gardner)
Weight Per Gallon, @25°C lbs. 8.6 +/- 0.1

North American Format

Europe (REACH) Format

GHS Internatl Format

China SDS Format

Application Group Application Description
Adhesives Industrial General Use Epoxies Used as a low viscosity toughener.
Coatings Industrial Girth Weld Pipe Coatings Increases impact strength. Provides improved abrasion, gouge and wear resistance. Improves resistance to cathodic disbondment.
Composites General Composites Epoxy Syntactic Foam Lower viscosity toughener used to improve fracture toughness, reduces cracking.