Hypro® 1300X33LC VTBNX

Hypro® 1300X33LC VTBNX

Hypro 1300X33LC VTBNX is a low-molecular-weight, methacrylate-functional liquid rubber. It is a 100%-solids reactive polymer used primarily as an additive in acrylic adhesives, sealants and coatings and in vinyl esters.

The butadiene-acrylonitrile copolymer backbone provides improved adhesion, toughness, flexibility, low-temperature properties, and impact resistance. As a component in free-radical cured systems, the VTBNX is incorporated via the vinyl-methacrylate functionality.

Hypro 1300X33LC VTBNX has a random co-polymer backbone with 82% butadiene and 18% acrylonitrile and is multi-functional. The butadiene provides rubber properties and extends the flexibility and adhesion to low temperatures. It also contributes excellent resistance to moisture, acids and bases. The acrylonitrile provides compatibility with polar additives and improves adhesion to oily metal and to fiber-reinforced polymer composites. The multifunctionality enhances the cross-linking in the cured adhesive, sealant or coating.

Typical Properties Values
% Acrylonitrile 18
Viscosity, cps (reflects mid-point) 250,000 @27°C
Polymer Functionity 2.4
Molecular Weight (g/mol) 3900
Color, Max 4 (Gardner)
Acid Number 4.0
Glass Transition, Tg, °C -49
Specific Gravity @25°C 0.967
Solubility, (cal/cm3)1/2 8.90
Solids, % 100

To obtain a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) please contact Global_Product_EHS_AdMat@huntsman.com

Application Group Application Description
Composites BMC Unsaturated Polyester Used to increase inter-laminar bonding.
Composites Silica Filled Acrylic Composites Used to increase bond strength between silica and polymer matrix. Significantly improves Izod impact and Flexural modulus.
Composites SMC Unsaturated Polyester Used to improve green strength reducing micro-cracking. Increases inter-laminar bonding.
Composites Vinyl Ester Composites Used to improve toughness.