Hypro® 2000X162 CTB

Hypro® 2000X162 CTB

Hypro 2000X162 CTB is a carboxyl terminated butadiene homopolymer used predominately as a reactant with a base thermoset resin to gain product performance improvements. These resultant pre-reacts (adducts) can be incorporated at various levels to suit the needs of your specific formulation. Hypro 2000X162 CTB contains no acrylonitrile.

Typical Properties Values
% Acrylonitrile 0
Viscosity, cps (reflect mid-point) 50,000 @ 27°C
Carboxyl Content, Equiv. Phr 0.045
Carboxyl Content, Acid Number 25
0 50,000 @ 27°C

Europe (REACH) Format

North American Format

GHS Internatl Format

Mexico SDS Format

Application Group Application Description
Composites Thermoplastics and Elastomers Compatibilizers Nanocomposites of organosilicates in butadiene-based rubber.
Composites SMC Unsaturated Polyester Compatibilize block copolymers used as low profile additives and improves surface appearance and paint adhesion.

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