Hypro® 2000X174 ETB

Hypro® 2000X174 ETB

Hypro (f.k.a. Hycar®) 2000X174 ETB is an epoxy-functional synthetic rubber. It is the reaction product of epichlorohydrin and Hypro 2000X162 Carboxyl-Terminated polybutadiene (CTB).

It is a 100%-solids, reactive polymer designed to incorporate synthetic rubber into a thermoset matrix by reacting it with conventional epoxy hardeners.

Typical Properties Values
% Acrylonitrile 0
Viscosity, cps (reflect mid-point) 20,000 @ 27°C/3,500 @52°C
EEW,, g/eq 2800
Color, Max 7 (Gardner)
Molecular Weight (g/mol) 4350
Acid Number, % <0.1
% Solids 100
Glass Transition, Tg, °C -77

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