Nychem® XPE 140

Nychem® XPE 140 Carboxylated Nitrile-Butadiene Latex

Nychem XPE140 is one of our Medium Nitrile Emulsion offerings. This line features a combination of excellent oil, grease and hydrocarbon resistance, toughness/resilience, and tear and abrasion resistance. Toughness, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance can be further enhanced though either vulcanization or by adding external crosslinking agents such as melamines, epoxies, phenolics or metal complexes. Nychem XPE140 is a carboxylated butadiene acrylonitrile polymer latex that is stabilized with low/no surfactant so it has high surface tension which gives good resistance to rewetting, good water resistance and low foaming. It also has good heat and light aging. Common applications include paper saturation and metal release coatings.

Typical Properties Values
Latex Viscosity, cP @ 25°C (Max) 70
pH 7.9-8.5
Total Solids, wt. % 40-43
Emulsifier Type Synthetic Anionic
Tg(°C) -30
Bound Nitrile, % 30

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Application Group Application Description
Coatings Industrial Coatings Nychem® XPE140 is a carboxylated medium nitrile latex that can be used to enhance coating properties for water resistance, oil or solvent resistance and flexibility. It can be used as a temporary peelable coating or maskant for the aerospace industry. It is often used in conjunction with other compatible water based polymers.
Coatings Paper Abrasives Nychem® XPE140 is a carboxylated low surfactant medium nitrile latex that can be used to saturate paper which is then converted into abrasion or sanding products that are typically water resistant. Often used in combination with phenolic resins.
Coatings Paper Paper Saturant Nychem® XPE140 is a low surfactant carboxylated medium nitrile latex that can be used as a paper saturant to improve water and solvent resistance, tear strength, and flexibility. It is used in abrasion, automotive masking tape, friction and printing blanket backer paper products.