OMICURE BC-120, a Lewis Acid, is intended for use as a room temperature latent, elevated temperature catalytic curing agent for epoxy resins. BC-120, in combination with liquid epoxies, produces clear homogeneous formulations. To incorporate BC-120 heat the resin to 30-35°C and stir in the curing agent. When used to cure EPALLOY 7190 (DGEBA), where 1 to 9 phr BC-120 are typically used, room temperature shelf lives of greater than one year can be realized. Curing can be accomplished at temperatures above 120°C. Higher temperatures reduce cure times. BC-120 can also be used as an accelerator in the aromatic amine, acid anhydride or dicyandiamide cure of epoxy resins. The pot lives of these formulations will be significantly longer than those obtained when using BF3 MEA or DMP-30 as the accelerator. Typically 0.5 to 1.0 phr BC-120 are used for acceleration.

Typical Properties Values
Use Level, PHR 25-35
Appearance Tan
Moisture Content, Max % 0.1
Melting Point,°C 25-35
Solubility Solubility in EPALLOY® 7190

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