OMICURE DDA 50 is a semi-micronized grade of Dicyandiamide, a solid latent curing agent for epoxy resins. It has a mean particle size of approximately 20µ and is one of several grades of Dicyandiamide offered by CVC that differ on particle size. OMICURE DDA 50 contains approximately 2% silica as an anti-caking aid.

OMICURE DDA 50, like other grades of Dicy, is dispersed into a resin system where it remains stable until activated by heat. Without an accelerator, such as a substituted urea, dicyandiamide has an activation temperature of about 350°F and a formulated storage stability of over six months. When catalyzed with a latent accelerator, like one of the OMICURE U series of substituted ureas, one component adhesive and sealant formulas can be prepared with cure temperature of 250°F and provide excellent stability. OMICURE DDA 50 will help provide cost effective, stable, elevated temperature cured adhesives, composites, coatings, and other formulated systems.

Epoxy systems cured with OMICURE DDA 50 are characterized by outstanding adhesion making it a preferred choice for cost-effective adhesive formulations. It is compatible with all epoxy resins, including Bisphenol A and F epoxies and epoxy novolacs, can be used with diluted or undiluted resins, and is compatible with a wide variety of fillers and pigments. OMICURE DDA 50 is safe to handle and is considered non-toxic.

Typical Properties Values
Mean Particle Size 20µ
Moisture Content (loss @ 105°C) max % 0.5
Onset Melting Point, °C 207-212
Appearance White crystalline powder
Typical Flow Control Content, % 1.5 to 2.5

China SDS Format

GHS Internatl Format

North American Format

Mexico SDS Format

Europe (REACH) Format

Application Group Application Description
Adhesives Automotive Mastics Dicyandiamide epoxy curative for 1K latent systems providing long shelf life.
Adhesives Automotive Injection Molded Structural Parts Dicyandiamide epoxy curative for 1K latent systems providing long shelf life.
Adhesives Industrial Structural Adhesives Dicyandiamide epoxy curative providing long shelf life.
Composites Advanced Composite Prepregs Dicyandiamide epoxy curative providing long shelf life.

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