Micronized version of OMICURE U-210.

OMICURE® U-210M, an aromatic substituted urea, is intended for use as a latent accelerator for the dicyandiamide cure of epoxy resins. The addition of OMICURE U-210M to epoxy/ dicy formulations reduces the time and/or temperature required to cure these shelf stable one part products. OMICURE U-210MM represents the micronized grade of OMICURE U-210M. Compared to the other CVC substituted ureas, OMICURE U-210M shows a long latency in formulated systems containing Dicy and epoxy. Suggested use levels of OMICURE U-210M are < 5 phr. Curing can be accomplished in about 70 minutes at 100°C and in less than 20 minutes at 140°C. Actual cure times are dependant on the composition of the formulated compound, the curing schedule and the application. Room temperature shelf lives (time to double viscosity) of > 5 months can be obtained when < 1 phr OMICURE U-210M is used with DGEBA/DICY. Some of the factors which can effect shelf life are formulation ingredients and compounding parameters. Ingredients in which OMICURE U-210M is insoluble at processing and storage temperatures will enhance overall storage stability. OMICURE U-210M can be incorporated into your formulation concurrent with the dicy addition.

Typical Properties Values
Particle Size, min. % through a 325 mesh screen 95
Moisure Content, Max 1.0
Melting Point, °C 172 - 182
Color White
Appearance White Powder

North American Format

Europe (REACH) Format

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