Micronized version of OMICURE U-405M.

OMICURE U-405M, an aromatic substituted urea, is intended for use as a latent accelerator for the dicyandiamide cure of epoxy resins. The addition of OMICURE U-405M to these formulations produces shelf stable one part products with shorter cure times and/or temperatures. OMICURE U-405MM represents the micronized grade of OMICURE U-405M. Of the CVC substituted ureas, OMICURE U-405M is most similar in structure to Monuron and Diuron. However, OMICURE U-405M, does not contain any chlorine and is, therefore, safer to use than Monuron or Diuron. When substituting OMICURE U-405M for either of these products, the formulator should use approximately 30-50% less 94 to achieve similar degrees of acceleration. Suggested use levels of OMICURE U-405M are < 5 phr. At 100°C cures can be obtained in about one hour and in less than four minutes at temperatures > 150°C. Cure times are dependent on the composition of the formulated product and your particular end application. Some of the factors which can effect shelf life are formulation ingredients and compounding parameters. Ingredients in which OMICURE U-405M is insoluble at processing and storage temperatures will enhance overall storage stability. OMICURE U-405M can be incorporated into your formulation concurrent with the dicy addition.

Typical Properties Values
Particle Size, min. % through a 325 mesh screen 95
Moisure Content, Max 0.7
Melting Point, °C 126 - 136
Color Off White
Appearance White Powder

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