Advantages of OMICURE U-52 as an Accelerator fo Dicy Cured Epoxy Systems

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Omicure U-52 is an aromatic substituted urea designed for use as a latent accelerator in one part,dicyandiamide (dicy) cured, epoxy formulations. Dicy will work, on its own,  as a curing agent for epoxies, showing good latency and cured physical properties that are acceptable for many applications. However, cure temperatures in excess of 1700C are generally required in order to provide effective cure time and properties. Substituted ureas are commonly used to accelerate the dicy/epoxy reaction, help provide cure in a timely fashion at lower temperatures, while still providing good latency of one-part systems. When compared to other more common substituted ureas, Omicure U-52 shows an outstanding combination of performance properties such as latency, time to full cure, and glass transition temperature.

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