Fracture Toughness of Elastomer Modified, E-glass Reinforced Vinyl Ester Composites

Elastomer toughened epoxy resins with Hypro® CTBN and ATBN reactive liquid polymers are a well known technology to formulators of structural adhesives and matrix resins for composites. The phase separated rubber toughening technology associated with elastomer modification of epoxy resins is less familiar to those using vinyl ester resins. This study was designed to examine elastomer modified vinyl ester resins in glass reinforced composites. Interlaminar fracture toughness (GIc) data are featured suggesting that Hypro® reactive liquid polymers as 1300X40 ETBNand 1300X33 VTBNX may be added to vinyl esters to substantially increase the delamination resistance of a composite. Existing elastomer modified resins such as Derakane 8084 are particularly useful in maximizing toughness of a vinyl ester and or composite.

CVC Products: Hypro® 1300X8, Hypro® 1300X40


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