EPALLOY® Specialty Epoxy Resins

Specialty epoxies for high performance coatings, adhesives, encapsulants and composites

These specialty epoxy resins deliver improved performance characteristics over standard resins, including chemical resistance, thermal performance, modulus, cure speed and UV resistance than standard liquid epoxy resins. Other resin blends available upon request on a made-to-order basis.

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Bisphenol A/F Modified Phenol Novolac Epoxy Resins

Product Description EEW, g/eqViscosity, cpsColor, Max Link
EPALLOY® 9237-70 EPALLOY 9237-70 is a non-crystallizing modified BPA modified BPF resin. Highest BPF content and highest Tg in this class. 170-1815,000-7,000 @25°C4 (Gardner) View Product
EPALLOY®7138 EPALLOY 7138 is a low viscosity non-crystallizing modified Bisphenol A resin. Excellent replacement for high purity BPA resins in filament winding applications. 175-1855,500-7,500 @25°C1 (Gardner) View Product
EPALLOY®7170 EPALLOY 7170 is a non-crystallizing BPA/F resin. 30% epoxidized BPF content. 177-1877,000-10,000 @25°C2 (Gardner) View Product

Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Resin

Product Description EEW, g/eqViscosity, cpsColor, Max Link
EPALLOY® 5000 UV Resistant, lower viscosity alternative to Standard BPA resin. Applications include weatherable coatings as replacement to urethane coatings. Excellent adhesion to metal. 210-2301,300-2,500 @25°C100 (APHA) View Product
EPALLOY® 5001LC EPALLOY 5001LC is an accelerated version of the cycloaliphatic diepoxide EPALLOY 5000. 200-2202,000-4,500 @25°C3 (Gardner) View Product
EPALLOY® 5200 EPALLOY 5200 is a difunctional cycloaliphatic glycidyl ester based on Hexahydrophthallic Anhydride. 160-180700-900 @25°C100 (APHA) View Product

Multi-Functional & Faster Cure

Product Description EEW, g/eqViscosity, cpsColor, Max Link
EPALLOY® 7200 Modified BPA epoxys to provide for faster cure for all temperatures. Eliminates blushing in slower curing epoxies. Excellent for coatings. 195-2152,000-4,000 @ 52°C2 (Gardner) View Product
EPALLOY® 9000 High functionality, low melt viscosity resin for high temperature applications and Tg modification of other epoxy resins. 160-1805,500-6,500 @ 72°C3 (Gardner) View Product

Resorcinol Epoxy Resins

Product Description EEW, g/eqViscosity, cpsColor, Max Link
ERISYS® RDGE Very low viscosity, high reactivity epoxy resin. Modifying resin for novolacs in corrosion resistant coatings and composites. 118-125300-500 @25°C2 (Gardner) View Product
ERISYS® RDGE-H Low Viscosity Aromatic Epoxy Resin 115-122200-325 @25°C2 (Gardner) View Product

Phenol Novolac Epoxy Resins

Product Description EEW, g/eqViscosity, cpsColor, Max Link
EPALLOY® 8220 Lowest viscosity BPF resin. Near monomeric product for blends to prevent crystallization in BPA resins. 164-176 1,800-2,800 @ 25°C 2 (Gardner) View Product
EPALLOY® 8230 Standard low viscosity non-crystallizing resin for excellent 100% solids coatings and composite applications. 164-1763,500-4,700 @25°C3 (Gardner) View Product
EPALLOY® 8240 Lowest viscosity unmodified epoxy novolac available. For secondary containment tank linings and industrial flooring. 164-1766,000-7,100 @ 25°C3 (Gardner) View Product
EPALLOY® 8250 Mid-range functionality epoxy novolac. For high temper­ature, highly corrosive applications. 165-17818,000-28,000 @ 25°C3 (Gardner) View Product
EPALLOY® 8280 Mid-range functionality for improved Tg and corrosion resistance. 172-1791,100-1,700 @ 52°C2 (Gardner) View Product
EPALLOY® 8330 Standard epoxy novolac for highest chemical resistance and Tg. 171-18320,000-30,000 @ 52°C3 (Gardner) View Product
EPALLOY® 8350 Higher viscosity equivalent to 8330. 175-18430,000-50,000 @ 52°C3 (Gardner) View Product
EPALLOY® 8370 Highest functionality epoxy phenol novolac resin. 205-21215,000-25,000 @ 72°C3 (Gardner) View Product

Bisphenol A Epoxy Resin and Blends

Product Description EEW, g/eqViscosity, cpsColor, Max Link
EPALLOY®7192 Undiluted high molecular weight semi-solid Bisphenol A epoxy resin well suited for tough, durable formulations with improved adhesion. 230-280Gardner-Holdt,O-V(70% solids in Butyl Carbitol)3 (Gardner) View Product

Resin Solutions

Product Description EEW, g/eqViscosity, cpsColor, Max Link
EPALLOY®7200MIBK90 90% solids in Methyl Isobutyl Ketone 195-215 (on solids)3,000-8,000 @25°C- View Product
EPALLOY® 7200X90 90% solids in Xylene 195-215 (on solids)3,500-7,500 @25°C2 (Gardner) View Product
EPALLOY® 8330 MAK80 80% in Methyl n-Amyl Ketone 171-183 (on solids)800-1,300 @25°C3 (Gardner) View Product
EPALLOY® 8330 MEK85 85% in Methyl Ethyl Ketone 171-183 (on solids)800-1,400 @25°C3 (Gardner) View Product
EPALLOY® 8350 X80 80% solids in Xylene 175-184 (on solids)1,200-3,000 @25°C3 (Gardner) View Product
EPALLOY® 8370 A85 85% solids in Acetone 205-212 (on solids)5,000-7,000 @25°C3 (Gardner) View Product

Resorcinol Modified Phenol Novolac Epoxy Resins

Product Description EEW, g/eqViscosity, cpsColor, Max Link
ERISYS® RF-50 Non-crystallizing lowest viscosity resorcinol/phenol novolac epoxy resin. 140-155700-1400 @25°C 2 (Gardner) View Product
ERISYS® RN-25 Non-crystallizing medium viscosity resorcinol/phenol novolac epoxy resin. 152-1655,000-6,500 @25°C5 (Gardner) View Product
ERISYS® RN-3650 Highest functionality resorcinol modified phenol novolac epoxy resin. Maximum chemical resistance and Tg. 141-1567,000-9,000 @25°C3 (Gardner) View Product

Material solutions displayed are not exhaustive, please contact our experts for customized solutions or additional information